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Pratt & Whitney Canada – Commercial Support Programs

By Eric Rojek

Pratt and Whitney Canada has active Commercial Support Programs (CSP) to help operators comply with certain Service Bulletins (SBs).  A CSP campaign provides operators with replacement parts at a significant discount to encourage compliance before a possible event may occur.  CSP is an opportunity to comply with a recommended replacement interval in order to address a safety of flight issues.  CSP also provides a substantial savings on the cost of the replacement part(s).  

Commercial Support Programs originate in a Service Bulletin (SB) as a reference document with the cause, reason, and instructions for compliance. CSPs have a termination date at which time the parts affected will no longer be offered at reduced pricing.  It is best practice to comply with SBs and take advantage of the CSP programs to offset the expense of SB compliance.   Only Pratt’s owned shops or Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOFs) can assist with the handling and administration of the CSP programs. There are no credits offered against unused commercial support programs, so it is imperative to use the CSP before the termination date. 

During fourth quarter 2020, Pratt and Whitney Canada issued two CSP notifications on engine models used in agricultural and firefighting operations. The first was an extension of the CSP program for engine model PT6A-67AG on the 2nd stage PT Blades. 

The 2nd stage PT Blades on the PT6A-67AG have a recommend replacement interval of 5,000 hours as stated in SB 14503.  As the fleet size of -67AG powered Ag aircraft has grown, more PT6A-67AG engines are approaching or have exceeded 5,000 hours.  As part of the CSP program, Pratt is offering replacement 2nd Stage PT Blades at 50% off list for the replacement part.  It is recommended replacing the PT Blades at 5,000 hours during overhaul or HSI to minimize aircraft downtime. If you are operating an engine that has exceeded the 5000-hour limit, contact your Pratt Field Service Representative to help determine how you can take advantage of the CSP.

The second CSP program issued is for engines models PT6A-67AG and PT6A-67F.  Pratt and Whitney Canada dispersed Service Bulletin 14549 in July 2020.   This states that some engine small exit ducts have a row of cooling holes missing.  The missing cooling holes may impact the durability of the hot section components.  SB 14549 provides a summary for how to do a visual inspection for the holes and the action needed if engine is found to be missing cooling holes.  As part of the replacement, if needed, Pratt is offering 50% off list for the replacement small exit duct and 1st stage power turbine blades. If your small exit duct is found to be without the cooling holes, it downgrades the life limit of the 1st stage power turbine blades to one overhaul period, which is 3000 hours. The service bulletin provides a list of engines that Pratt & Whitney Canada suspects are affected.

It’s very important one’s maintenance provider receives current publications from the engine OEMs.  The service publications will provide communication of inspections and product enhancements via the latest SIL, Service Bulletin and if CSP is offered with each Service Bulletin issued.  If you have questions or concerns on current PT6A Service Bulletins or Commercial Support Programs, you should contact your maintenance provider or Covington Aircraft for more information.

To discuss these programs, or for more information, please feel free to reach out to me at (000) 000-0000, or ericr@covingtonaircraft.com

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