Ag is part of our heritage

Agricultural aviation and radial engines are where it all began for Covington nearly 50 years ago, and it’s still near and dear to our hearts. Ag aviation literally feeds the world, and if you’re an Ag pilot, there are few higher callings than yours.

More than perhaps any other market, Ag demands minimal downtime and lower costs. That’s why everything we do for you is wrapped around three principles – keeping you flying, doing it with the utmost in safety standards, and all for the fairest price possible.
Covington is a Pratt & Whitney Designated Overhaul Facility, which means we provide the same superior quality of service as Pratt & Whitney Canada, along with warranty and commercial support, but in a family-owned environment that’s focused on treating you like one of our own.

We know that flying on-condition tends to create AOG situations that can be critical. That’s why we have a dedicated team of Ag specialists focused on getting you back in the air ASAP. We speak your language, understand the demands placed on you and wholeheartedly have your back.

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