The Power of Ethics

To us, ethics is much more than just a word. They are a way of life, and they serve as guideposts in how we conduct ourselves and our business.
Growing up, we were taught four simple rules: Be kind. Do your best. Have fun. And treat others like you want to be treated. The sentiment behind those childhood rules still rings true today, and it is the backbone of the ethics we apply to every activity here at Covington. Our Code of Conduct (hot link) formalizes the behaviors we expect from everyone in our workplace. Anything less will simply not be tolerated. Should you feel our Code of Conduct has been violated, or have a concern or complaint please email: to report it. We will address the situation immediately and ensure it is handled properly, then respond back to you accordingly. Our reputation has been built upon the ethical standards we expect of ourselves and those we work with. They are vital to our culture. And you can be assured we strive to maintain them each and every day.

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