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Every business does their best to turn a profit. The Abbott family has always looked at their business a bit differently. Certainly we do our best to be profitable. And we use a significant portion of those profits to support mission work worldwide. More important however, we view our company and those that work with us, as family. And we strive every day to provide a safe, trusted and loving environment for all.
It may seem a bit old fashioned but, here at Covington, we still believe in treating others the way you want to be treated – and in the power of a warm handshake and in genuinely listening with empathy. These beliefs, of course, spring from our Statement of Faith which you can read elsewhere here on our website.
To us, our Statement is more than simply words on a page. It is how we define ourselves, and it is what we try and reflect in our lives and in the actions we take each day. Come for a visit and experience for yourself the positive affects we think our beliefs make – in both the work we do, and the support we provide. There truly is a difference here. And we would be heartened to have you become a member of our family.

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