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Engine Sales and Rentals

Our team members know what it means to have a spirit of service, and how to treat customers like they’re family. And it’s in sales and rentals where this may be the most immediately evident.
When your engine comes into Covington, whether for an overhaul, or maintenance/repair that exceeds the time you can easily give up, you can take advantage of our unmatched inventory of fee-free engine rentals.
While other shops may capitalize on your downtime with another profit center, Covington offers engines for just the time you use on them. No daily minimum. And at a fair hourly rate. We’ve invested heavily in an unmatched inventory of rental engines as our way of ensuring your aircraft continues to earn its keep, every day.
If for any reason you need to swap your engine out on a more permanent basis (such as it’s become beyond economical repair), we can assist with a ready-to-go, pre-owned mid-time engine from our sales inventory.
Just swap your engine out and you’ll be good to go. If you would prefer a new engine, as a Pratt & Whitney DOF / Authorized Partner, we can also provide pricing and availability on zero-time engines direct from Pratt & Whitney. Either way, we always offer fair and flexible options so you may select the one that best fits your situation, and your bottom line.

Engines Currently for Sale or Rental

Select the engines you are interested in, fill in the form and click the send button for more information or contact:

Eric Rojek | 539-286-3525 |

Model ESN TT TSO Status
PT6A-15AG 14133 11706 0 On Wing
PT6A-34 14100 GG-8707/PS-9030 GG-2490/PS-2843 On Wing
PT6A-34 57043 GG-14486/PS-9860 GG-3719/PS-1360 On Wing
PT6A-34 40503 GG-15125/PS-7903.5 GG-806.6/PS-2341.3 On Wing
PT6A-34AG PCE-57243 GG-9108/PS-10693 GG-3545/PS3345 On Wing
PT6A-34AG PH0366 8494.5 0 On Wing
PT6A-34AG PH1194 306 On Wing
PT6A-34AG PH0828 4973.7 0 On Wing
PT6A-42 79177 13009.6 0 In Process
PT6A-60A PCE-PK1653 1170.4 On Wing
PT6A-60A PCE-PK1652 1170.4 On Wing
PT6A-60A PCE-1223 10,783.5 1414.6 On Wing
PT6A-60A PCE-1241 13491.3 2981 On Wing
PT6A-65AG PCE-PN0029 GG-6210.1/PS-6383.4 GG-294.1/PS-467.4 Available
PT6A-67AG PCE-RD0223 2792.5 On Wing
PT6A-67AG PCE-RD0099 GG-1278.1/PS-1427.8 On Wing
PT6A-67B PCE-PR0788 2236.4 In Process
PT6A-67B PCE-PR0030 4500.5 1014.4 On Wing
PT6A-67B PCE-PR0179 15137.4 183.9 On Wing
PT6A-67B PCE-PR0012 GG-22001.3/PS-21373.3 238.5 On Wing
PT6A-67B PCE-PR0086 GG-8388.4/PS-8553.8 GG-1267/PS-1379.9 On Wing
PT6A-67P PCE-RY1038 139.9 On Wing
PT6A-67F PCE-RZ0083 1500 On Wing
PT6A-114A PCE-PC1087 7580.0 0 On Wing
PT6A-114A PCE-19189 18114.5 2732.5 On Wing
PT6A-114A PCE-19320 GG-22574.9/PS-8381.2 GG-1094.5/PS-1207.3 On Wing
PT6A-114A PCE-PC0466 10235 1413.2 On Wing

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