R-985 & R-1340 – MRO

Our repair philosophy

Two words sum it up best: “No Compromises.”

Even though, in many applications, radial engines have been eclipsed by turbines – Pratt & Whitney radials remain near and dear to our team. Working on these amazing engines is how Covington began building our reputation so many years ago. And today, our level of care and craftsmanship remains unmatched.

You are like family to us, and every radial engine that comes into our shop is like a family member. And they receive extra-special attention from the men and women here who know them better than anyone else. Just as with our turbine engine work – we never forget the engines we work on are, many times, responsible for getting our customers safely home to their own families at night. So, if we take a little longer than others to get your engine back to you, know that it’s because we consider it an honor to work for you and your safety. And we see it as our duty to prioritize extraordinary care and craftsmanship over rapid turn times any day.


Radial Maintenance, Repair
and Overhaul

From glorious warbirds that defended our freedom in the last century, to Ag planes that put food on our tables, Pratt & Whitney radial engines hold a special place in any pilot’s heart. And that certainly holds true for all of us here at Covington. Radial engines are where we got our start nearly 50 years ago, overhauling one engine a day. Today, while our company’s capabilities have expanded to include turbines, our radial engine shop continues to serve a strong market. From parts support, to light maintenance, to complete overhauls and rebuilds, our Covington craftsmen and craftswomen cherish each radial engine that comes into our shop, and treat them with the care and deep respect they deserve.

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