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Servicing engines for aircraft that serve others is a truly a higher calling for us. Whether it be ensuring missionary aircraft flying much needed supplies can get into and out of remote regions, or making wildfire attack aircraft ready to deploy repeatedly each day when needed, we pride ourselves on delivering engines that are always ready to go to work to help those in need.

Turbine engines from Pratt & Whitney Canada that are serviced and maintained by Covington are flying in literally every corner of the globe. And they’re counted on by pilots who operate under the world’s most demanding conditions. From mud-rutted dirt roads in Kenya, to high-altitude canyons in Colorado, Covington understands the challenges of humanitarian operations and we work closely with customers to ensure each benchmark is not only met but exceeded.

Bring us your most challenging conditions and biggest engine operating problems. We’ll solve them together, and ensure your engines help the airplanes they power not only do the job but bring their pilots home safely as well. It’s the Covington way.

Photo courtesy of FLYING Magazine

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