Every day, in every way, we believe in the


From quotes to timeframes, we speak the truth up front, and then strive to perform better than what we’ve estimated. After all, you have decisions to make, and the more accurate we are, the better you can plan. At Covington, “under-promise and over-deliver” are words we live by.

Our repair philosophy

Two words sum it up best: “No Compromises.”

As one of only a handful PT6A Designated Overhaul Facilities (DOF) for Pratt & Whitney engines with overhaul capabilities in the world, our execution of this philosophy is well established. But as the only veteran- and family-owned, DOF, we take that a giant step further.
We know our customers. We embrace them as family. And we never forget the engines we work on are, many times, responsible for getting our customers safely home to their own families at night. So, if we take a little longer than the other guys to get your engine back to you, know that it’s because we consider it an honor to work for you and your safety, and see it as our duty to prioritize extraordinary care and craftsmanship over rapid turn times any day.
Of course, we know you have fiscal pressures to get your engine and your aircraft back to work in the best possible time. That’s why we offer an substantial engine rental fleet. And. because we don’t use our rentals as a profit center, we charge only for the cost of the time you put on our engines. It’s how you treat family.

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

Our service center

Whether it be parts support, technical advice, or full-on maintenance work – a spirit of service permeates every action we take at Covington. We are located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Or, should you need service in the field, our AOG Service Teams are on call 24-hours a day to come to your location. And regardless of being at our facility, or in the field, we are standing-by to serve you. And to do so better than anyone else in the industry.

Okmulgee, Oklahoma: (918) 756-7862      

PT6A Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Covington Aircraft Engines has been a trusted part of the Pratt & Whitney Canada family of service providers since the mid-nineties, and a Designated Overhaul Facility (DOF) for the PT6A since 2010. We’ve overhauled thousands of PT6A engines to date, providing the same superior standard of service as Pratt & Whitney Canada, along with warranty and commercial support, all with an extra quality you won’t find elsewhere: a truly personal, compassionate approach.

Sales and Rentals

Our team members know what it means to have a spirit of service, and how to treat customers like they’re family. And it’s in sales and rentals where this may be the most immediately evident.
When your engine comes into Covington, whether for an overhaul, or maintenance/repair that exceeds the time you can easily give up, you can take advantage of our unmatched inventory of fee-free engine rentals.

Parts and Accessories

When you have a failed or limited-lifetime part that needs replacing, you can turn to Covington for both service and fair pricing. Always. If you want or need a new part from Pratt & Whitney, as an authorized Designated Overhaul Facility, we offer new parts direct from the factory, but at a discount. Or if you prefer a more economical option, Covington also sells and overhauls on-condition parts.

Radial Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

From glorious warbirds that defended our freedom in the last century, to Ag planes that put food on our tables, Pratt & Whitney radial engines hold a special place in any pilot’s heart. And that certainly holds true for all of us here at Covington. Radial engines are where we got our start nearly 50 years ago, overhauling one engine a day. Today, while our company’s capabilities have expanded to include turbines, our radial engine shop continues to serve a strong market.

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