The History of the PT6A Engine by Pratt & Whitney Canada

The PT6A engine by Pratt & Whitney Canada is one of the market’s most reliable and powerful turboprop engines. It is used in a variety of aircraft, from light singles to large turboprops, and is highly regarded for its reliability and performance. The engine has been in production since the mid-1960s and has undergone numerous … Continued

Advantages Of Radial Engines

These days, most large airplanes have started using turboprops and jet propulsion systems. But the reality is that a radial engine may be a much better option for those who own smaller airplanes or fleets. Understanding why can help you understand why that radial engine – though an old model – could still be the … Continued

What Are The Differences between Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives?

An Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) is a directive issued when the FAA realizes that a perilous condition exists in a product (aircraft engine, airframe, appliance or propeller).  They notify aircraft operators and owners of potentially unsafe conditions requiring special inspections, alterations, or repairs. A Service Bulletin (S.B.) is a notice to an aircraft operator from a … Continued

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