Covington Aircraft - Quality Service

Crop season will come, whether you’re flying or not. And, we know overhauling your engine at suggested TBO isn’t always possible. So we developed an alternative – at half the cost of a full overhaul, the Light Overhaul focuses on the most crucial components of your engine and is designed to add up to 2500 more hours beyond suggested TBO.


Less Time in our Hangar, More Time in the Air

The Light Overhaul is the easiest way to add hours and value to your engine without wasting time on the ground. With a quick 30-day turnaround, and our extensive pool of rental engines and engines for sale, we can put you back in the air faster than anyone.

Guaranteed Covington Quality

As with everything we do, we guarantee the Covington quality service and individual customer attention we’re known for. Contact us to learn more about the Covington Light Overhaul and schedule your maintenance time.

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