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The answer depends on what is needed. If an overhaul is necessary, the answer is roughly 60-90 days. Why 60-90 days? The one factor of the engine overhaul we do not control is plating. It is not uncommon to have, for example, several crankshaft bearing journals that need hard chrome plating to restore the shaft to standard sizing. This process alone is a 3-5 week process. Repairs to the engine have some of the same scheduling challenges as an overhaul. Plating, either cylinder barrel or crankshaft journals, can add to the time needed to repair an engine. A prop-strike inspection can be accomplished in as little as 1-2 weeks. However, if parts need to be plated, processing can add several weeks. We understand that time is not always an option, that is why we do offer exchange parts that are ready for installation. This keeps your engine moving though the repair process and back to you in the fastest time possible.