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Covington Aircraft is Appointed as Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility for PT6A Engine Series by Pratt & Whitney Canada

FOR RELEASE: April 6, 2010

Okmulgee, Oklahoma - Covington Aircraft has been named as a Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility (DDOF) for the PT6A Engine Series. Covington Aircraft is a subsidiary of Abbott Industries.

Covington, based in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, was formerly a P&WC Agricultural Service Center for PT6A engines used in agricultural applications. As a DDOF, Covington will now expand its services to cover a wider range of PT6A engines in other uses. This includes their continued commitment to the agricultural market as well as a new commitment to the corporate world.

“The Designation as a DDOF enables us to expand in to different markets, but it also allows us the ability to take care of our existing customers in a more effective way. We are able to have faster turnaround times on warranty issues because Pratt & Whitney Canada has empowered us to make some warranty decisions without having to involve them. This in turn allows us to make the decisions quicker and get the engines back in the air,” said David Hamilton, Vice President/Operations Manager, Covington Aircraft Turbine Division.

“Over the course of our 16-year relationship, Covington has built a solid reputation for outstanding customer service in the agricultural market, which we are confident it will establish in other markets,” said Raffaele Virgili, Vice President, Customer Service at Pratt &Whitney Canada.

Conveniently based near major interstates, the Okmulgee, Oklahoma airport and Tulsa, Covington Aircraft Engines takes pride in overhauling the Pratt & Whitney R-985 and R-1340 aircraft engines, as well as the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A series.

Since 1972, Covington has overhauled thousands of engines, and today they are a worldwide leader in the aircraft engine overhaul business. Covington’s management team has some of the most qualified and professional employees in the business. They are dedicated to producing a quality engine, and providing the best possible service to their customers. Covington’s workforce is managed by a team who brings over 100 years of experience to the Company.

Covington’s purpose is to provide quality overhaul and service solutions that help their customers achieve their operational goals. They strive to deliver solid overhauls with dependable performance and reliable results at affordable prices. Since you may only need parts and not a complete overhaul, Covington also keeps an ample supply of extra parts and they are able to ship these parts to you worldwide. They are driven by customer satisfaction and service, and Covington works hard to understand their customers’ needs, provide timely solutions, and fulfill their commitments. “We love to keep our customers flying and flying safe whether they fly for business or just plain fun. Quality is our goal and we have a history of providing dependable engines that meet the highest durability standards.” For more information about Covington Aircraft, visit them on the web.


David Hamilton, VP Turbine Division