Advantages Of Radial Engines

These days, most large airplanes have started using turboprops and jet propulsion systems. But the reality is that a radial engine may be a much better option for those who own smaller airplanes or fleets. Understanding why can help you understand why that radial engine – though an old model – could still be the … Continued

What Are The Differences between Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives?

An Airworthiness Directive (A.D.) is a directive issued when the FAA realizes that a perilous condition exists in a product (aircraft engine, airframe, appliance or propeller).  They notify aircraft operators and owners of potentially unsafe conditions requiring special inspections, alterations, or repairs. A Service Bulletin (S.B.) is a notice to an aircraft operator from a … Continued


From time to time, I would like to talk about unscheduled events on the PT6A engine. Unscheduled events are the incidents that none of us want or need, but they do happen despite our best efforts. There is a pretty big list in the maintenance manual of events that Pratt & Whitney Canada describe as … Continued


For over 50 years, operators of various PT6 engine models have endured Hot Starts.  In this article, we will talk about what a Hot Start is, how they occur, and the best practices to prevent Hot Starts from happening.  Exceeding temperature limits during a turbine start can cause severe engine damage and cost over $100,000 … Continued

Pratt & Whitney Canada – Commercial Support Programs

Pratt and Whitney Canada has active Commercial Support Programs (CSP) to help operators comply with certain Service Bulletins (SBs).  A CSP campaign provides operators with replacement parts at a significant discount to encourage compliance before a possible event may occur.  CSP is an opportunity to comply with a recommended replacement interval in order to address … Continued

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