Give us a call anyway! Not every engine issue demands a complete overhaul. We do maintenance level work on ALL PT6A engines and most of the time we can still take care of any issue you have. As stated on some of the other FAQ's, if we can't help you we will point you to someone who can! We're not in the business to say, "sorry, we can't help you!"

The list is short and we've kept it that way for a reason. You shouldn't wonder if "your guy" at Covington is still around or how many times you will be transferred before you get a warm body. The people you will be talking to, combined, have over 100 years of experience. Yes, your Covington guy is here.

Parts: Robert Ramirez or Ted Neal
Customer Technical Support: Ron Hollis
General Questions and Quotes: David Hamilton
AOG: 1-800-324-8320
Account Receivables and Payables: Annette Stewart

It's our intention to treat you like you're our only customer! We have grown our business one aircraft, one customer at a time and we are not just after the quick sale. We're after your patronage and a relationship that addresses more than just an engine at the end of the day. Looking out for our customer's best interests doesn't mean we want to sell you something. We intend to make you feel appreciated.

Yes we do. We do annuals, 100 hours and most service related work on any airframe. We have experienced, FLIGHT SAFETY trained personnel ready to take care of your needs. If your work scope is beyond our capabilities, we will recommend someone who can help you, or assist us, in making sure your expectations are met.

Yes we can! We prefer to do it at our new, 47,000 square foot hangar facility in Okmulgee but we will come to your location if you prefer. 

Covington takes care of their customers! We haven’t been growing for the last 38 years because we skirt around problems. Rest assured our goal is to support you in your time of need. There are two potential warranty directions: The first is Covington Warranty, basically if you had work done through us we are the folks to make sure it exceeds your expectations. Secondly is Pratt & Whitney Canada Warranty. As a Distributor and Designated Overhaul Facility for Pratt & Whitney we are authorized to make decisions that will get warranty on your side where it was intended to be when you bought the engine. We deal with Pratt warranty on a regular basis; let us get the right people in your corner as soon as you have an issue.

Give us a call and lets talk. Lets find out where you and your engine are, and where you want to be. Call or email David Hamilton our VP of the Turbine facility and he will get the ball rolling.

We're so glad you asked! We would like to do that for you. We are fortunate to have many customers that operate medium to larger fleets. We frequently help them track engine information and conditions, and with that information, build a "plan of attack" that both parties feel will keep the engine and aircraft where it needs to be maintenance wise with as little disruption to your flight schedule as possible. Let's see what we can do for you. Besides, it's a free service to our customers. Remember, you're not alone; Covington will be with you every step of the way.

Tell us what you want. FAST turn times can be accomplished by exchanging parts but may not always be the best choice for every customer. If you have a low time core you're placing yourself at a disadvantage to exchange parts just to save 10 or 15 days. The average turn time is 45 days. Let us know what you need and we will tell you if we can meet your requirements.

Every engine is different. Several factors determine the final estimate to overhaul your engine. How old is it? What service bulletin levels are already incorporated in the engine? How many hours are on it? How many cycles are remaining and how has it been maintained? All these answers play a part in determining your final estimate. We have "generic" quotes that can give you the average price if you let us know your engine model, but the best way to get an accurate quote is to provide us with the details listed above and then we can produce a custom budgetary estimate to overhaul your engine.